Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bye Bye Madrid!

 Our last few days in Madrid were spent doing some last minute shopping, visiting our favorite parks, saying bye to friends, eating yummy tapas and finally (for me) going to the Royal Chapel of St. Anthony (or Goya's church as I like to call it)

This little chapel is where Goya is buried. It is one of my favorite things I saw while in Madrid. Even though it is tiny the art work inside (by Goya) is beautiful and so tasteful.  In most of the churches we've been to here although they are amazing either because of the size, age or detail this is so different, I loved it and am glad I was finally able to see it.

Here are our friends Stephanie, Silvia and Kieran

This is the elevator to our apartment, I had to get a picture of the kids in it because they were obsessed with it the whole time. This is for sure the thing that they'll miss most  about Madrid.
Here are some things that Nick and I will miss from Madrid:

The Milk- so much better than in the states.
so good and cheap


need I say more?

Random accordion players on the metro, I will also miss hearing the man playing the violin outside the palace while we're playing at the park.

Old women pinching the kids cheeks and tousling the kids hair

Everyone loving the kids/ and always trying to help me with them

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