Thursday, August 27, 2009

The move...

So, today is my 6th day in Quincy (suburb of Boston) and my second day with internet so I thought I should get blogging.
Last Monday Nick set out on his 4 day road trip across the country. He didn't do much but drive and he only got one geo cashe, if you can believe it. He said that he was on a schedule and needed to stick to it. I feel bad for him because I thought that geo cashing would at least make his ride easier or more fun. But, he definitely stayed on schedule, he got into town Thursday night and stayed with some friends. Friday was the day that he came and saw our place (pictures to come in another post) and was supposed to have signed the lease but we still haven't done that yet. He also picked Andrew and I up at the airport on Friday afternoon. Andrew did great on the flight except for when he had dirty diapers (which was when we were taking off and landing when I couldn't change him)
We moved into a duplex with neighbors on the top floor and us on the bottom. We are very lucky because we have had some instant friends. Our neighbors are in our ward and have a one year old and Nick had known a couple from his school who also have a baby and are in our ward. It's been fun and a lot of help.
Our stuff isn't here yet and they have until September 11th to get it to us, but I am praying that it doesn't take that long because I need something to sit on other than this blow up mattress and I feel bad for Andrew, I know his play pin isn't very comfy. We went into the city yesterday to explore a bit. Nick took me to his school and I got to learn the subway, we also walked around Boston common. When I am able to up load pictures that will be my next post. I have noticed two things about this place, #1 a lot of people smoke, coming from L.A. where there are a ton of smoking regulations it is quite annoying, #2 it is beautiful, there are huge trees and it is green everywhere and the architecture in the city is amazing.
So, overall we really like it here, but I'm sure that come winter I will be singing a different tune. Keep your eye out for some picture posts, hopefully they will be up soon.