Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As some of you might remember I had a baby shower. At this baby shower my super cute friend Lora had an idea for all the guests to write messages to me and Nick in the diapers to cheer us up during middle of the night duties. Well, we are just about done with those diapers and I must say they were pretty entertaining, I especially like the one from my friend Erika who wrote down a very long but classic line from Napoleon Dynamite, or from all my sisters who seem to think alike and wrote that they are Andrew's favorite aunt. But on Sunday morning when I went to change him, I got more than just a message written on the diaper--it was also written on his butt! With bright pink marker the message had transferred onto his skin. I put him in the bath hoping to get him clean but to no avail! It is just now starting to fade(two days later).

Unfortunately I thought of taking pictures after I had given him the bath...but it gets the point across

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My blessed baby

Last Sunday we were able have Andrews baby blessing, and its me that comes out of it feeling blessed. I have the most wonderful husband and son, I couldn't love them more or be happier. I am so thankful that so many of our friends and family were able to make it, your support means the world to us!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chunky Monkey

We went to the doctor yesterday and found out that we have quite a little chunk on our hands. I know most of you don't care(this is mainly for the grandmas)

Andrew weighs 14.3 lbs - 94% for his age and is 23 1/2 inches long which is 69%.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

and the winner is...BOSTON!

We are so excited to finally know where we are going to be next year. We'll be very sad to leave our family and friends but at the same time are anxious to get started with this new chapter of our lives. We know that this is where we are suppose to go, and feel completely at peace with our decision.
We won't be leaving until late summer but I've already browsed craigslist for apartments and saw a couple postings for move-ins for 9-1-09, so I'll have to keep my eye out. If any of you know the city please feel free to tell us where you think might be the best places to live. I'm not sure how I feel about the cold factor yet but at least I have an excuse to buy the cute coat I saw the other day!(you know me, always looking at the positive!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

...and we have smiles!! :)

At around Thanksgiving time, Andrew began to smile in response to stimuli. We caught a few smiles on camera!

Monday, December 1, 2008


This year the boys and I went up to Lake Arrowhead with Nick's family for Thanksgiving. It was nice to get away for a few days and do nothing but spend time with the fam. We had a great dinner (thanks to Debi) and ate a lot all weekend. It was especially fun to see Nick's brother Skyler with Andrew for the first time. I wasn't sure how he would be since I've never really seen him with a baby. But there was no need to fear because as long as Andrew wasn't spitting up or pooping, his uncle Skyler was around to hold him and make him laugh. It is too bad he doesn't live closer. I also know that Nick enjoyed some guy time with Skyler and his brother-in-law Trenton (he finally had people to play Settlers of Zarahemla with him). The only thing that was missing was Natalie. We missed you!

New Peeps!

This past week was really fun, Andrew was able to meet so many new people who love him so much! He also has started to smile quite a bit but I have to go through all my pictures to find the best one.

My friend Summer

Andrew with his Uncle Skyler

Andrew with his great grandma Connie

Great Anut Ellie