Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Better late than never!

After a month of him really wanting/trying to roll over he finally did on Tuesday! Here is a video for you all to enjoy....

Andrew's favorite past time...looking out the window. Whenever he gets fussy (or anytime really) we put him in his seat (thanks Heather) and he immediately quiets down and enjoys the view.

In other news...............
I have a very good husband. The other day he came home home school with roses and ice cream(he knows me so well). I couldn't ask for anyone better. Thanks babe!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Identity Crisis

I have never considered myself anything but American and I have had trouble in the past understanding why those who have been born in this great country consider themselves whatever it is that is in there family tree, whether that be Mexican, Cuban, Italian etc.(especially if you've never been to the said country, like when you meet someone and they say they are Mexican but have never actually been to Mexico) I've always checked the Caucasian box on applications and have never felt inclined to put Hispanic(maybe it steams from when I was little no one believed me that I was half Cuban, like a 1st grader would lie about where her mother was born. I would literally have my teachers tell me that I was wrong). But that is not to say that I don't identify at all with those that are of my same heritage. Even though I have never been to Cuba I feel a kinship with those who live there. It has always been a place that I have dreamed of visiting since I was a little girl. Maybe so I could understand a part of my mother that I've never known, I don't know.
But recently I have been reading two blogs Generation Y and Without Evasion by two women living in Cuba. They were born after the revolution and have only ever known life with Castro. This means that they've lived without the simple freedoms that we take for granted every day; free speech,freedom of religion, colored televisions the list can go on and on. The author of Without Evasion in her new post wrote about how her husband's job was threatened among other things because the government knew that she writes a blog. Can you imagine what that must be like?
I have come to deeply respect these strong women for having the self-respect to stand for what they believe in, even if that means that their husband might lose his job or that they might go to jail etc. Reading these blogs gives me hope for Cuba and the Cuban people. That one day they will win there fight for basic human rights and freedoms. Hopefully they know that they have support from those of us who have a bit of an identity crisis, who have never been to their country but love it all the same.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I love this and I want it for Andrew's room. I usually don't like "mormon" art. It is all a bit cheesy for me, but I found this chick on Etsy and I really like her stuff.

Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!

Today is my half birthday and I'm going to celebrate by doing 1/2 my laundry, clean 1/2 the house and cook 1/2 a dinner. Ha Ha Ha. (I am delirious from lack of sleep)

Andrew has been doing really well with his sleeping. Some of you might remember my previous post when I explained how we were starting sleep training. It took him two nights but after that he has been sleeping for 10 hours every night non- interrupted(for the most part) for three weeks. It's been heaven!
Yesterday we went to the doctor for his 4 month visit, and she told us what we already knew. He's PERFECT! But sadly he had to get his vaccinations (3 shots in one leg and 2 in the other :( and that is why we were up from 3- 5:30am. Poor guy, even though he seemed fine last night I gave him some Tylenol before he went to sleep. He woke up at 3 crying, so Nick went in and tried to sooth him but after he was still crying 10 minutes later( he never does that) we gave him some more Tylenol thinking that the medicine had worn off. He stopped crying and was quite for 10 min when he started up again. By this time he was up for almost an hour and I went and got him, I couldn't bear the thought of him hurting. It was definitely the shots that kept him up, you could tell that he was uncomfortable all over. About a little more than an hour after that we put him back down and he is still sleeping.
He was such a champ at the doctor, he didn't even make a peep at the first shot and then just little whimpers the last four. Here are his stats from the Doc:

Weight: 17.8 lbs 90%tile
Height: 25 1/2 the doctor said between 50 and 70%, so I'll take that as 60%tile
Head: I don't remember (the paper is in my car) but I think it was in the 60%tile as well