Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sunday we woke up in Seville to Sadie with a fever.  Our tickets coming home were full price so even though our train back to Madrid wasn't until 7:30 we had the option of going on any train as long as it wasn't full, so we decided to go ahead to Cordoba and play the day by ear.

Poor baby was a trooper and did great although we ended up taking the 4pm train home. I love Cordoba. Not only was it so pretty but it was probably a good 20 degrees cooler than Seville which made a huge difference.

We walked around town, went to the Alcazar (the highlight of this was definitely the gardens), and the Mezquita which was amazing.

Old Roman bridge. We were confused for a second but if you look over the side you can see the old bridge, this is built right on top.


Andrew directing me where to stand for his picture.

Another Andrew shot

These kids would have been happy to stay all day watching the water go from pool to pool. 

Avenue of the flowers

The kids laying on the floor of the Mezquita to get a better view of the ceiling.

Another shot by Andrew

A Cathedral built in the center of a Mosque, they have held mass here everyday since 1275

This is in the court yard of the Mezquita, the beams hanging on the wall are the originals from the ceiling. they had to renovate it in the late 90's. The craved detail on the the wood is beautiful.

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Unknown said...

My mom would love the "Hotel Marisa" pic!
I love the Avenida de las Flores tambien!