Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where has all the help gone?

For the last two weeks I have had nothing but help around here. First my wonderful Mom came a couple of days before Sadie was born and stayed for a little more than a week. I loved having her here (and not just because my house was spotless and I had yummy food cooked for me) It was so fun for me to have her come out and see where we live and spend some time with her before the baby got here. Andrew was in love with his grandma and loved every second he was able to spend with her. Thanks Mom for helping me so much and for being the best mom ever! I love you!

On the day that my Mom was flying out, Debi (Nick's Mom) came into town. She spoiled us as well with cooking and cleaning and of course smothered ("you never hear of anyone being sfathered"- Modern Family) her grandchildren with attention. As a bonus Nick's Dad Martin was able to come into town for the weekend and enjoy the new baby while spoiling Andrew with trips to the park every morning (something I think he got used to when my Mom was in town)

Unfortunately, they had to leave and we are getting back to normal around here. I found myself looking around the house today wondering how in the world it could've been so clean for two weeks and after one day of us being alone I have so much to do. I didn't lift a finger yesterday, instead we hung out in our p.j.'s all day and cuddled on the couch. Andrew actually wanted to just cuddle and so how could I turn him down? It was a great day to spend as a family with just the four of us. I loved it, and if I had it my way that is how every day would be. But now it's back to reality, which basically means cleaning, laundry, cooking and learning how to be as good of a mom to two kids as I was with one. I'm looking forward to it!