Monday, July 19, 2010

This week Nick and I left Andrew with grandpa and brought Sadie along on a date out to Catalina Island. It was a perfect 80 degree sunny not a could in the sky day and we had a blast. (And from what I hear Andrew did also, thanks Dad!) We took a boat out from Marina Del Rey and two hours later we were on the island. I was kind of dreading the ride because I have a history of sea sickness (got sick twice on our honeymoon) but it actually went pretty smoothly.
Since we had Sadie we couldn't do a lot of the activities like kayaking, zip-lining or snorkeling but we still had a great time. We went to the museum which told the history of the island from the Native Americans to the Wrigley family who made the island what it is today along with great photos and stories of old films that were shot there. We then walked up to the botanical gardens and around the town. We ended the day with a great meal (because with me it all comes back to the food) and on the boat ride home we saw a Blue Whale and a big pod of dolphins (it had to have been at least 50-60 in the water). we definitely will do it again but will probably spend a night and consider taking the boat from Long Beach for a 1 hour trip or the helicopter which is a 14 minute trip.

View of Catalina from the boat

View from the Wrigley Monument

The next day I went to work and left Nick to be Mr. Mom for the day. He took Andrew to the park and had a little photo shoot and of course said that the kids were absolutely perfect all day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What we've been up to

Nick has been busy working

Jamie has been busy chasing

Andrew has been busy playing

and Sadie has been busy growing

Here are some pictures to prove it...

*I know this is lame post and maybe one of these days I will feel like doing a real post again, but for now this will do.