Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Valencia and the Coasta Blanca

We decided to head to the coast this last weekend and see Valencia and the Costa Blanca. Valencia was a great city but it definitely comes in third behind Madrid and Barcelona. We got in at noon, so we basically had the whole day to explore. We did a walking tour that was in our guide book of all the architecture of the city. We had Valencian horchata (unlike the rice and cinimon kind from Mexico the Spanish version is made from tigernuts), which Sadie promptly threw up,  and some awesome paella which also started in Valencia.

Keeping them occupied on the train.

View from our terrace

Plaza down the street from where we stayed.

Train Station

Ceiling of the train station

Columbus Market


We were freaked out by this fountain. Babies throwing another baby in the water while laughing?? WTF?
The only part of the city walls that are left.

Rock climbing when we couldn't find a park.


Valencia Cathedral

Their "stage" while we waited for our meal. They sang every song they knew.


The next day we rented a car  and drove down the coast to the Coasta Blanca. Beautiful.  We didn't make it as far as we'd wanted to because the kids woke up but we were at a perfect beach in Xabia and loved every second of it. It was so nice to just play with the kids all day long.
Where's Waldo.

So much fun playing in the sand with the kids.

The weird lobster/crab man that came down the beach. Just a tad freaky.

Sadie was seriously out of it on our drive home. She looked like a boxer after a bad fight.

On our last day we went to the Aquarium in the City of Arts and Sciences, which was built a few years back for when the Olympics were in Barcelona.  It was huge and the kids had a blast.
Nice smiles, kind of...

Silly Faces!

View from our second terrace

City of Arts and Sciences

Sadie loved the Dolphin show
The "Submarine" restaurant

Can. Never. Stay. Still.
Our little animal lover.

bringing the stroller up from the metro quickly becomes a family affair

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Kristin Johnson said...

Wow! You must be taking the train somewhere every weekend? Do you have Granada on the list before you come home? That is one place I wish we went.