Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 1st- 7th

Playdough fun!

For the last little bit of the big game Nick went down the street to a bar to watch with the locals.
On Sunday, Spain played Italy for the Eurocup and won 4-0. The game was fun (especially because Spain won) but the real fun started the next night when Nick and about 20,000 Madrilenos went to Plaza de la Cibeles to celebrate and cheer on the team members from Madrid who came into town on a double decker bus. 

Approaching the plaza

On the 4th me, the kids and Ting (a girl from Nick's school who stayed with us for the week, and also probably the nicest person I've ever met) went out to celebrate the holiday with some other Americans at a 50's diner with burgers and shakes. It was so good. Afterward we stopped by Nick's work and played until he got off. Ting got some great pictures of him playing with the kids. 
Playing doctor/patient at Nick's work. I'm pretty sure Sadie thought that if she played with that remote long enough a T.V. would come from somewhere.

While at the park with Ting we met a family from the states who are currently living in Switzerland for work. They had lived in Salem, Ma for years so we had lots of fun New England stories to swap and they gave us lots of fun ideas of things that we need to do before we move. They had two boys who instantly become Andrews favorite people and later in the week we all met up for some tapas and play time.  
Unfortunately this is the only picture we got of them and Drew isn't even in them. :(
On Saturday we opted to stay close to home. Earlier in the week I had heard about the Madrid Rio park, it just opened last year.  It was an old street that has been moved under ground and the city turned it into a huge park with 17 playgrounds and a Playa de Urbana, which is the splash pad. It was a pleasant 20 minute walk all down hill from our house but on the way home we opted for the metro (I didn't want to do the up hill walk in 90 degree heat) which was only two stops away from ours.

They have a "pirate park" which the kids loved. As we were leaving Andrew told us that he had gone poop (earlier I had him pee in the grass because of the lack of bathrooms) Soon enough we spotted the tree. It was classic.

The awesome slide park

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