Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nana's visit

We were so excited that Debi was able to come out and visit us! It was so nice to have her here but we sure did miss Opa.

We went to lots of parks, ate, walked,  rowed a boat (while singing the appropriate song), ate, walked, went to Segovia, walked, hung out at the Palace, ate at the worlds oldest restaurant (El Botín), ate chocolate con churros, walked, shopped, ate tapas, saw a Flamenco show, went to Toledo and ate and walked some more. Are you sensing a pattern...

We had fun and I so much enjoyed someone to hang out with and eat with during the day. 

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream"

I don't think Andrew knew we could see him. This was probably an hour after bed time. He was trying to reach my phone.

Upset about who knows what, she needed a moment on the stairs.

El Alcázar in Segovia

Sadie LOVED these freaky/disturbing fake animals. They look so real. 

On Thursday night I got a babysitter to come watch the kids while the three of us went out. I'm so happy we did this, it was so nice and I think it was the first time I've been out in Madrid when it was dark. We went on a tapas crawl around La Latina and then went out to a Flamenco show which I enjoyed probably 100% more than I thought I would (and I was expecting to have a good time). The dance isn't choreographed and the dancers just do what they feel in the moment so the musicians are constantly watching them for leads of what to do next. It was amazing to see.

This was our guitarist crush, although my date was much hotter.

For Debi's last day we went to Toledo. Nick was able to get the day off and came with us. Although we didn't get home until super late the night before we were able to stay awake and enjoy ourselves with the help of many Diet Cokes.

Sweet pose Andrew.

Sadie admiring her new bracelet and necklace from Nana

I think we're entering the stage of only funny faces for pictures.

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Rachel said...

Alright, could the picture of you and Sadie get any cuter?!?!?!

LOVE your dress.

Glad you got a sitter. I demand that you and Nick go out on at least 2 hot dates before you return!!

Miss you guys!