Sunday, June 24, 2012


On our first day here Carlos told us that Toledo is a must see and ever since then we have been looking forward to it. Toledo is a very charming walled medieval city known for its sword making about an hour from Madrid. There are no specific sites to see other than the obvious cathedral and filling up on marzipan, a regional sweet confection made of almonds,  but it is the perfect place to shop and soak up the charm that is in every street.

My favorite things about Toledo:

The shaded paths. In the majority of the side streets there were canopies made of cloth tied from one balcony to another giving shade to the people below. It was a life saver.

The colorful lamps and garlands of greenery hanging from the canopies and sconces.

The marzipan that we bought from a nun, YUM!

The beautiful Cathedral and the treasury inside where we got to see the past priests' jewels.

At the end of the day when Sadie threw up all over herself and the stroller, when we had an hour bus ride ahead of us. 

The last one if you can believe it wasn't one of my favorites but it at least it didn't ruin our day. Even if it did ruin the dinner of the guys sitting behind us.

Main entrance into the city

Another view of the entrance

In the city, along the wall, looking out onto the surrounding town


The bane of our existence, and the only reason for living for our children

Typical charming street, with a beautiful woman in it

Post-vomit outfit

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