Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This last week felt basically like one big day. Sadie was sick with a fever for 6 straight days so from the time we got home from Toledo till the next Friday we didn't leave the house. Is wasn't as bad as it could've been, Andrew was a trooper but when she was finally not burning up and eating we took the first train out. 
 I remembered Segovia from our friends Lee and Kristen who had been in Spain the year before, ever since their blogs about it I've been excited to visit it myself. Segovia is known for their roman aqueduct and the Alcazar which is rumored to be what Walt Disney modeled the castle in Disneyland after. 

After getting on the wrong train, then missing our train we finally arrived.  In Segovia the train station is about 10 minutes outside of the old city so you either need to take a bus or taxi into town. I had zero cash on me, which is unheard of lately because we hardly have touched our credit cards since being here, I just assumed that there would be an Atm at the station, which there was  but  it was broken or for some reason wasn't taking my card and so we were stranded.  A really nice guy that worked at the travel store was trying to help us out when he had the brilliant idea of asking the next taxi if they took cards. I'd like to think that I would have thought of that but I'm not sure I would have. I was in such a mood about missing our first train and not having cash on me that I wasn't thinking clearly. So thankfully for us the taxi did accpet credit cards and we were on our way.

The first view of the city is breathtaking. The first thing you see is the enormous aqueduct, followed by the cobblestone streets. We were there during some kind of festival, people were dressed up in costumes singing and playing music, it was the perfect way to be greeted into the city. We stopped in a tiny little panaderia and had the best epanadas I've had here in Spain. We walked around town and went in the Alcazar and saw the amazing views and just enjoyed ourselves. We hadn't read up on the city so I'm sure we missed some stuff but with it only being 25 minutes away I'm sure we'll make it back.

Men dressed as bugs playing really loud music

Andrew kept on asking to leave, he didn't like the huge bird people

Because of the festival we couldn't get a great shot of the Cathedral

The prettiest setting for a play ground

The front of the Alcazar

In side the Alcazar

The Monarch room, all the Monarchs of the region are on the ceiling.

View from the tower

View from the tower

view from the tower

View of the aqueduct

Playing on the aqueduct


Rachel said...

I'm glad Sadie is feeling better! That place looks awesome. What the heck is an aquaduct?

Summer said...

Poor Sadie and for you guys being cooped up. Amazing pictures!