Monday, January 5, 2009

It's been awhile...

I'm not in the mood to write a long post so here are a couple of pictures from the last few weeks. We've been busy but have been having so much fun. Unfortunately I was sick on Nick's birthday so we have no pictures of birthday fun because we didn't have any. (poor nick) But I'm feeling better and am so excited to start the new year. I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and we love you all!

We finally got Jeff to hold the baby...and it didn't kill him! There is hope yet!

some good friends that I haven't seen in way to long...MEH

This was as good as it looked, I loved our Cuban Christmas

"Santa Monkey"



what a cute face!

Andrew and his best bud Tanner...just chill'n


Ali said...

Oh my goodness. Big soldier and little soldier. Uh...haha! LOVE the monkey suit!

Laura Wickham said...

Yea! We got Jeff to hold the cutest baby!! Thanks again for a great New Years!