Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Andrew's birthday

Andrew's birthday fell on a Friday this year so he was able to celebrate it at school. They discourage bringing any goodies into the school for birthdays (one less thing for me to do is always a good thing!). But his teacher had a birthday crown for him to wear and they all sang to him at snack time.

For dinner the Blanchard's came over for pizza, pie, and presents. Andrew loved everything he got. That night he slept with his transformers from Nana and Opa, but he has since gone through all of his gifts and given them all lots of love. I think it's a little overwhelming for a little guy to open so many things at once because they like to give all their things 100% of their attention. This just reinforced my thinking behind only getting our kids a couple of things for Christmas, but as they get a little older I can see how hard it is to restrain yourself as a parent. There are just so many cool toys that they'll love, it's hard to limit yourself even though they don't need it all.

Andrew was taking action shots of Sadie climbing and jumping.

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