Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A day in Vermont

 This year without mid-terms looming and Nick's rotation being at a VA hospital we were able to take advantage of Columbus Day. We hopped into the car in the morning and a couple hours later we were in Quechee Gorge Village (just down the road from Woodstock) eating lunch. Quechee Gorge is a cute little town with antique shops and a beautiful trail to take along the gorge. We didn't stay very long, just long enough to eat and walk along the trail for a bit and then we were off to Joesph Smith's birthplace, where the church has a beautiful monument and visitors center.

The grounds are just breath taking,  you pull up right to the monument which is right next to where the Smith family home used to be, then you can walk through the grounds which take you to two of Lucy Mack's siblings homes.

We then went up to the Ben and Jerry's factory, took a tour and ate yummy ice cream. That was of course Andrews favorite part of the day.

Quechee Gorge

Playing in the leaves

Andrew had the idea for a photo shoot. "Lets get one of us hugging!", "Now lets hold hands!", so cute!

I LOVE our gorilla pod, we can actually get a full family shot with no one else around. Every family should own one.

Playing on the original stone wall from the Mack family farm.

Sadie got tired of walking so she sat down and would not move. She doesn't whine or complain just slumps her shoulders and plops down.

 original stone bridge that was here before the Mack family bought the farm in 1804

Tired again...Nick and the kids never made it farther than the bridge.

Tunbridge, VT

Andrew was pretty excited about the Flavor room.


kristen said...

Jamie this makes me so happy! We literally took the exact same trip 2 years ago in October! Quechee gorge and JS birthplace and B&J! I guess that's what you do in new England... And I so miss it!

Johnson Family said...

We stayed at the adjacent church owned camp ground and it POURED rain on us for two days! The leaves look beautiful.