Thursday, September 24, 2009

What we've been up to...

Sorry, no house pictures yet. I have been just so lazy about blogging that I thought I'd do an easy one to start out with. Here are a few things that have been keeping us occupied.

Here is Andrew at a beach near our house. I could only handle it for about an hour before I had to leave. Andrew would not stop eating the sand, and it was disgusting. The next day he cried every time he went poop because it was so sandy.
View of Boston from a park near our home
Waiting for Nick to find his geo cache (why do you think we went to that park?)
A couple of times we have met Nick at the Frog Pond at the Common after he got out of school. It is about a 15 min walk from his school.

The inside of Nick's school
This is the main thing that has been keeping us so busy. I have been soooooo spoiled this last year having Nick around so much. He is so good with Andrew and such a team player when it comes to the house that I've been a little lost trying to get by without him. Andrew has been teething now for a while (it seems just as one tooth comes out another one starts to hurt him) so he has been more needy than usual, so I start something and it never seems to get finished. Thankfully my husband is understanding and loves me even if our house is a disaster.


Ali said...

Ah, so cool/adorable/pretty/amazing! Miss you guys, but so happy to hear you're settling in well.

Janssen said...

Sounds fun! That pond looks awesome.

Summer said...

I love your honest. Poor guy---eating sand is soooo nasty, it surprises me that so many kids do it!

Have I told you I miss ya lately??

marisa said...

father and son in the fountain together, adorable. and the beach looks beatiful there, living near the coast is a must, isn't it!? that's how I feel.

miss you tons!

Tara Shirley said...

Andrew is sooooo cute! What a great experience for you guys, eventhough it's kind of tough. And the sand thing kills me!