Friday, September 4, 2009

Random tidbits

Nick had his first day of school on Wednesday. But my favorite part was when he came home. Andrew got so excited! He started dancing and didn't want to let Nick out of sight. I loved it and I teared up a little bit.But if you want details about the school day that will have to wait for when Nick has time to post.

Today we are going to a BBQ for Nick's school, Andrew and I are going to head out to the city a little early with another wife and baby of a student at NECO to do some sight seeing.

Our stuff is arriving on Sunday anytime from 4-8 pm, so we should be able to upload some pictures early next week. And I have my first hair appointment on Saturday, hopefully she'll help me rein in all the ladies form the ward.


Sermon Family said...

Oh my word! I can't believe you're there! Good luck!!

Lindsey said...

that's awesome james. it all sounds so fun! did you do anything fun with the hair appointment today?

stephanie said...

I would give anything for one of your haircuts right now! I hope everything went well with the movers.

Janssen said...

Glad your stuff finally arrived! Fun to see you last night!

Jennie said...

So glad to have you here! Still planning on haircut today but realized I don't have your #. Could you shoot me an e-mail?