Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A talent

This is Nick. (Not in the photo--the author). And this is my talent.

Jennie-O turkey dogs on toasted white buns with light mayonnaise and medium cheddar cheese on the bottom, grilled hard salami on the sides, and garnished with sweet pickle relish, peperoncinis, pomegranate mango chipotle sauce, and ketchup.

That is all. Thank you.

EDIT: I use a turkey dog to make it healthy.


Queen Bee said...

Nick, I'm awed by the extent of your great talent. I knew I raised an extraordinary young man. I can't wait at my next opportunity to brag about my son, the incredible hot dog chef!

Queen Bee said...

Oh and PS: Why do you bother with "turkey" dogs?

Lindsey said...

it's a good thing you used light mayonaise!

Whitney V said...

Mmmmm. When are you going to make those for the Vandermydes? Mini-Matt is totally craving one right now! :) Looks delicious!

marisa said...

you might need to wear one of cado's bibs for those things! xx, m