Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanksgiving and our California trip

This year for Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to be able to go home. We haven't spent a holiday with family for almost 4 years so it was really nice to have the chance to see everyone.

The kids and I went out a week and a half early to soak up some sun and have more time with family and friends. We didn't do anything exciting but just being able to grab lunch with my parents and sister and have the kids play with their cousins was so nice, not to mention walking to the park nearly everyday in 75 degree weather.

Nick came in the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and before heading out to the Oxnard beach house where the Onken family was having Thanksgiving, we stopped by my parents so he could see everyone. His first reaction to seeing our 12 (almost 13) year old nephew Ryan was "Oh my gosh! You have eyebrows now?!" Weird, yes but it had been probably close to two years since he had seen him and man did that kid change.
We were also able to spend a little more time with my grandma Connie, and my sister Lindsey and her two sweet kids who had come down to spend the holiday with my parents.

Meeting my new niece Paige was definitely the high point of my visit, especially since I am,  aside from her mom and grandma, the only one that she lets hold her.

We spent Thanksgiving at the beach with all the Onkens together, which rarely happens and so we were all just enjoying being with each other, and of course enjoying all the yummy food.

I asked Andrew what his favorite part about our trip was, and this is exactly what he said:
going on the airplane flying, being with my grandma and grandpa, and my nana and my opa, to hug my nana and opa, to play with my cousins,  and play with Aunt Chelsea, and play with baby Walker, to play with Uncle Skyler, to turn bad guys into apples (a game he and Skyler made up), to play knock knock with Aunt Sarah and Walker, and going to grandma and grandpa's house to play in the back yard and in the play room.

Playing "jump on Uncle Skyler" he is such a good sport
preparing the feast!

Sadie was in heaven with Frankie and Scooter around

All the boys playing a round of DnD

This was probably the most fun I had the whole trip. Sarah was the ringleader.

After dropping Martin's car keys in the sand I found them hours later. I was so happy.

An evening walk in the fog

Playing with the cousins

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