Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Settled

Thankfully our flight from Dublin to Madrid was uneventful and fast. We decided to take a taxi into the city instead of the metro because with the amount of luggage we had we would've been a circus act. So we go out to the taxis and one guy says that he will only take two of us and we'd have to get two taxis but another driver heard that and said that he could take us, we were able to fit all the luggage, two car seats and two umbrella strollers in the trunk with the four of us in the back seat. We made it to our apartment in about 20 minutes. I was getting the 38 euros from my wallet to pay the driver when a fight broke out between Carlos (our landlord) and the taxi driver. I was so confused! I obviously had zero idea of what was happening, all I could make out was that Carols had called the cops, and I turn to Nick and he just kind of shrugs. So, here we are in front of our new apartment smack dab in the middle of Madrid each with a sleeping kid in our arms and two Spaniards having at it, needless to say everyone on the block stopped and watched the whole thing go down. I am really surprised no one got hit, it was that intense. We were ushered upstairs while Carlos is telling us not to worry and he'll take care of everything.Finally when I have a chance I ask Nick what the heck just happened. I guess the taxi driver was trying to charge us for two trips (sense that's what the other driver at the airport said we would have to do) even though he took us and all our stuff in one. So, he wanted an extra 38 euro from me. That wasn't going to happen but I'm glad I wasn't the one that had to deal with it. Carlos got the cops on the phone and told them that this driver was ripping us off. Finally the driver left (with only his 38 euros due to him). So basically you can tell that Carlos is pretty awesome. He was so upset that our first experience in Spain was that guy but everything after has been great.

That first day we were all so exhausted that we didn't do much other than eat some lunch in a near by cafe and run to the market to pick up a few necessities, we were all in bed by 6pm. It was so nice to know that we'll be here for such a good amount of time that there was no need to rush out and do anything.

The next day we had planed to get some phones and explore our neighborhood but right before we left the house our door bell rang. It turned out to be my Uncle and Aunt (my mother's half-brother) who I'd never met before. They live about 4 hours north of Madrid but happened to be in town that weekend. The previous night I had facebooked my cousin letting her know our address and telling her that if her parents are in town to have them stop by, and I am so happy they did. Lino is my Uncle and was so nice immediately treating us as family. We walked around town with them and saw where Nick would work, they also showed us how close we were to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. It was the best way to spend our first full day in Madrid, it felt so nice having family close. But I don't think I have ever regretted not speaking Spanish more than that afternoon,they both don't speak any English so it was a lot of translating for Nick and and a lot of hand gestures and broken Spanish for me. :)

Sadie playing nicely on the plane
Sadie sleeping under Andrews bed
View from our balcony
Us with my Uncle Lino in Plaza Mayor
Sadie taking a break from our walk around the city


Queen Bee said...

I'm so excited to read these posts. Carlos deserves a medal. And I love the photo of Sadie under the bed. LOL! When you told me that story I forgot to mention to you that when I was young (back in the days when people didn't have wall to wall carpet or central air), I would sleep on the linoleum floor when the nights were hot, because it was so much cooler there. Maybe Sadie was just hot.

Alyssa said...

Love them, so glad you got to meet them!

Alyssa said...

So glad you got to meet them! Aren't they great!

marisa said...

wow, what an exciting arrival at your apt! awesome that you weren't ripped off in the end, that's the best part.

love the photos <3

Yayyyy for living in Madrid ! ! !

Rachel said...

So cool that you had s surprise family visit!

That cabbie/landlord fight is awesome!