Monday, May 24, 2010

packing and cleaning

Wednesday we're flying back home and will be hanging out with friends and family by Thursday. Its crazy that its already here, this year has gone by so fast. The other day we realized that Andrew has lived in Boston longer than he had lived in L.A., but we are hoping that doesn't mean he's a Celtics fan.
Anyway, all we are doing today is packing and getting the house ready to be vacant for the next two and a half months. We are really excited but to be honest I'm also feeling a little sad. I thought when the summer came I'd be jumping out of my skin to get back to California but I'll miss our apartment and our friends and maybe even the kids in nursery. But I am so excited to meet my new nephew and have everyone be able to meet Sadie. I also have my husband back from the dead (finals). It has been a very long couple of months and I am in need of a vacation and I have made that known to Nick, so hopefully we'll be able to get away this summer for a couple of days and relax a little.

This is what I found today when Nick and I were both busy doing various chores:

Andrew had found some lipstick and thought he'd see if he liked the color. Meanwhile Sadie was asleep in her bouncer like the little angel she is:


Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

What cute kids! I miss you guys!!

lyndsey said...

good luck with the move! so fun that you get to go home for the summer. hope all goes well :)

Ali said...

Cannot wait to see you! And watch classy Bachelorette TV with you. And pounce on Andrew. And coo over Sadie. And...and...and...YES.

{Rollins Family} said...

hes even handsome sprting some ruby red lips!! :)

isn't it funny that he knows its suppose to go in the lip region :)

Janssen said...

Definitely going to miss you guys this summer! Have a safe trip!

Julie said...

How nice that you can go home for the summer! Student life sure is different than the rest of life. Enjoy it!