Sunday, March 28, 2010

the last few weeks

These last few weeks have been pretty eventful for us. We had Nicks spring break and took advantage of it by heading down to Mystic, Connecticut. While there we visited a great aquarium, which Andrew absolutely loved and for the first time since we moved had good Chinese food. On our way home stopped by Newport, Rhode Island. We spent the day there window shopping and driving around the amazing mansions. We can't wait to go back there when its not off season and we can actually go inside of them.

Then my friend Rachel threw me a nice little baby shower (which was great because I hadn't really bought anything for this little girl) and it was just so much fun hanging out with the girls. And the rest of the time has been spent going to doctor appointments (twice a week) and getting the house ready to welcome our new addition. This is probably the last time I'll be posting anything until the baby comes, and I figure that if I wait any longer these pictures may never get up here, so enjoy!

Andrew and I hanging out by the Whales

Rachel has the majority of the pictures on her camera but I think you can get the idea. Everyone was so generous, me and this baby girl felt very loved, which is nice when you're so far from home.

This is his "look", he gives us this look and then cracks up. He thinks he is pretty funny.

I can't get over that smile!


Lindsey said...

Seriously!!! I can't handle those pictures! First, the one of him with the ducks is soooo cute, and so "Andrew". Then I seriously laughed out loud for the longest time when I saw his "look". I'm glad he thinks it's funny, because he looks mad to me :) And the last picture is adorable! I love his drooling face, big smile, and long eyelashes. So cute!!!!

Lindsey said...

From Jude: is this look called magnum or blue steal?

marisa said...

what is that look!? too funny!!!! and look at all his little teeth in the last one, he's getting so big!

how are you and the little girl holding up? do you have a date set, or just waiting? I'm thinking of you!!!! and Ben's mom is always asking about you too...


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Ali said...

THAT BOY! Unreal.

And soon, I'll be saying, THAT GIRL! Wow.

swati said...

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{Rollins Family} said...

your belly is darling...ALMOST as cute has that little boy of yours :)

I'm waiting for your little ones debut, i can't wait!

Brent/Jan said...

Looks like you are having fun... Congrates on the new addition. I'm sure she will be as adorable as Andrew and that is pretty cute! jan