Sunday, January 17, 2010


*Christmas is still to come. I need Nick around for longer than 10 min. so he can help me with the video.

This weekend we were able to get away to Kennebunkport, Maine for our 6th anniversary, thanks to our great friends and neighbors the Blanchards who watched Andrew for us.

I was really looking forward to getting away with Nick and having some alone time and we really picked the best place to go. Kennebunkport is about an hour and a half away and quite charming. We left our place at around 11:30 and planed on stopping and getting something to eat on the way up. We had never made the drive and were disappointed when we were about 45 min in and realized that there was NOTHING for miles. So we decided to wait until we got into town and I'm glad we did. We got there at about 1 o'clock and checked into our cute bed and breakfast Captain Fairfield Inn. When you are booking online you never really know what you're going to get. People can take a picture of something that is mediocre and make it look amazing, but I am happy to say that the Inn and our room lived up to every expectation. Upon ariving we checked in and Finn (the owner) recommended a great place to eat that was a short walking distance. By the way, this was the perfect weekend to get away because all day Saturday New England was having a heat wave at about 47 degrees. ( I know did I really just say heat wave?) Anyway, we took advantage of the nice weather and walked into town. We ate at Alisson's which did not disappoint. I had a lobster roll and a bowl of clam chowder (how more new england can I get?) and Nick had A Fish Called Wanda, which was just basically a really yummy fired fish sandwich. While we were waiting for our food the tables had Trivial Pursuit cards and so Nick and I took to quizzing each other. I must admit that this game is not my strong point unless it is the 90's version which I rock at.

After lunch we walked around town and window shopped (for the most part). I ended up finding snow boots which I needed desperately (Ugg's I have found are not good in the snow) but never wanted to get because they are all so ugly. But I found a boot that fits my needs and is not bad to look at. I also got a really cute $5 scarf and a hat for 1/2 off. On our way back to the Inn before dinner we stopped into a gallery that is attached to the painters home. Nick had already made it clear earlier that stores/galleries or anything really that either looks like a house or is attached to a house creeps him out. (I know, he is strange) We went in anyway and were charmed by the whole thing. It was the gallery of a W. Robert Paine and he was there to show us around and answer any questions that we might have had. His paintings are not my style but I can certainly appreciate his talent and I have become a fan of him. He treated us as though we were his grandchildren and was telling us all kinds of stories about his paintings and his life. He is also friends with President Bush (41) and was telling us how Barbara is a spitfire. He was commissioned to do a painting of them for the Bush presidential library in Texas and showed us a drawing of a painting that is hanging up in their Texas home. The Bush's have a home (or compound) in Kennebunkport and they had Mr. Paine paint their back yard/view of the ocean so they can see it all year round. Anyway, he is a very interesting man and I asked him if we can come and visit him when we are in town again. That is how much I loved this guy.

Well, after that we headed back to the Inn to take a look at the menus of the different restaurants around town. We ended up deciding on Bandaloop because Nick was feeling steak and they had a steak that sound amazing. And it was. We both ended up getting the steak and for dessert I had I think the best creme brulee ever and Nick had the fruit crisp. It was simply delicious and I could barely move afterward.

The next morning we woke up and realized that we didn't have to get a crying baby and feed him, no we can lay there and be lazy all we want. So that is exactly what we did, until we got hungry that is. We went downstairs to find breakfast waiting for us. It is a pepper sautéed pear with an arugula and gorgonzola salad with candied walnuts. I have never had a salad for breakfast before but let me tell you it was great! Then they come out with this homemade scallion biscuit (you should've seen Nicks face at this point, it was priceless.) He thought that the pear and salad were it as far as food went and he got so happy to find out there was going to be more. They then had us choose between a yummy buttermilk waffle with a cranberry reduction or eggs benedict. How do you choose??? We didn't, we got one of each and they both were so yummy. After breakfast it was time to get ready and pack up and we were checked out by 11. We drove by the Bush compound (although it is not as big as you would imagine with people using the word compound you expect something a lot bigger) and Nick had his GPS so we did some much needed geocaching before heading home.

It was a great little getaway and we look forward to heading back for a day trip in the warmer months with the kids (wow, I still can't believe that I will have more than one here in a couple of months)

Me with the one and only Captain Fairfield (don't be jealous)

The Bush Home

Nick doing what he does best... geocaching. Notice that he has on a short sleeve shirt and it is probably 33 degrees out. He said that he was using the temprature as his timer, if he hadn't found the cashe before his hands went numb then he would leave.


Ali said...

Oh, this all sounds SO nice and very much needed for you both! So glad you loved it. :)

Janssen said...

How fun is that?! Also, your food descriptions are making me hungry!

Summer said...

Happy Anniversary guys!! How fun and quite romantic. :) I love mini vacations!

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{Rollins Family} said...

pregnancy suits you my dear, you look FANTASIC!