Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year Andrew had two great costumes, Yoda and Dumbo. We had a trunk or treat at church on Friday night and decided that Yoda would be the best choice because Andrew could move/walk around in it more freely. It took him awhile to get used to my black hair but once he did he started having the best time. I was so surprised that he kept his little ears on the whole night, he must have forgotten about them. He was so happy the whole night chasing after the bigger kids. I think he thinks that he is really 3 or 4 because he would just get right in with the older kids and follow them around. It was the cutest thing. There was an older boy (around 5) who was also Yoda, and the boy told Nick that he just wanted to hug the other Yoda so much! (how cute is that)

On Saturday Nick had to go into school in the morning, so Andrew and I met him at school and we walked to Newbury St (for those of you who don't know it is a street with lots of fun shops and restaurants) We grabbed a bit to eat and got stopped constantly with people telling us that we have the cutest kid. (like we didn't know) For Saturday we dressed Andrew in his Dumbo outfit.
Beautiful fall leaves on Mass. Ave a couple of streets up from Nicks school.
Dumbo after a long but fun Halloween


Lindsey said...

Such cute halloween pictures :) Why are Andrew's cheeks so red? Are they chapped from the weather? I also really like that fall picture of you. Very pretty.

marisa said...

the cutest lil family all dressed up together, I <3 it! and I can't decide which of Andrew's costumes I like best, he is adorable in both! and the photo of you in the leaves is pretty, so ditto what Linds said. huggss xxx

Alyssa said...

Soooo cute!

A and M said...

Merrick was Yoda too...it was the only hat that would fit over his head. That would've been fun to have the two boys together in their matching costumes!

Jamie you look so good too, you can't even tell your pregnant!