Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day!

I woke up excited to go to work today. I hadn't been to the salon for almost 2 weeks and was looking forward to being artistic and making some money. When I got home the baby was taking a nap so Nick and I had some good one on one time which was nice sense Andrew has become a mamas boy the last few days and wants me to hold him all the time (which half of me loves and the other half hates)
We then went to Best Buy to get a GPS for our car. One of the first things Nick said when he he got home from his trip this week was "We have to get a GPS". He says that the streets in Boston are crazy and we will be getting lost 24/7 if we don't have one. So, that made Nicks day. Thankfully he had his leatherman (pocket knife) in his pocket, so as soon as we got in the car the package was open and the GPS was on the windshield. Anytime he gets a new gadget to play with he is happy.
We then get home and decide to go to the annual Art Walk in L.A. Lucky for us it is on Wilshire and La Brea so we just had to cross the street. All the galleries were open and all the museums were free for the day. They even had displays up at the Tar Pits of Bamboo DNA and some other fun stuff. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera and were to lazy to walk home and get it, so we don't have any pictures for you to see. I also found this great jewelry maker with super unique things called La Petite Puce Jewelry . I didn't buy anything but I have my eye on a couple of different things that I want.
We then finished the day with Kogi BBQ . They had the truck right at the Tar Pits and we were one of the first in line. You can't beat that!


lyndsey said...

yay! what a fun day. and kogi! what did you think?? i'm sure it tastes way better when you dont have to wait 90 min.

J-Dub said...

Hooray for "one on one time"! Hope you guys are well.

Robin and Jeff said...

Hey Lovey! just wanted to pass along that recipe for the cookies :) this was the only way I knew how to get it to you! So nice to hang out yesterday! Your little man is a doll! :)

Hopefully we will see you before your big move!