Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prank Calls

So I am going to change names in this story because the person who told this to me didn't tell the parents this was happening and to not get this kid in it goes:

After church a couple of weeks ago Jane, a lady in our ward was talking to the Smiths (who are big talkers but are also the nicest people you've ever met) She can't remember what they were talking about, it wasn't important but it was a long conversion because like I said before they like to talk a lot. So, as Jane is listening she gets a little bored and decides to tune them out and figure out what their little 8 year old boy was doing with the phone in the foyer. As she was acting like she was paying attention with giving them little "hmm's" and "yes, I know all about that" she was listening intently on what the little boy was saying.

She saw him rummaging through the phone book that we have propped up on a self underneath the phone. He'd find a name then dial their phone number and after the person picked up he would say "idiot, your stupid" and hang up with the straightest face. Then she sees him get another name out of the phone book and do the same thing only this time he says "fart, I just farted" and hangs up. He did all that without even cranking a smile. This went on for the whole conversion, picking random names and prank calling these people, like he was on a mission or something. Jane said that the parents would chime in once in a while and tell him not to play with the phone but they had no idea what he was really doing.
She said it was so entertaining and she had to hold back lots of laughs. When she told this to me on Sunday I was crying I was laughing so hard.


J-Dub said...

Cool story Hansel.

J-Dub said...

That was actually pretty funny.

Samantha said...

Best story ever. I can't look at that phone without laughing anymore.